#61 The Girl in the Gatehouse

It might not be much, but the abandoned gatehouse is Mariah Aubrey’s new home. After a brush with scandal threatens to tarnish her family’s social standing, Mariah is sent away by her father. Fortunately her aunt, Mrs. Francesca Prin-Hallsey, offers the use of the old gatehouse on her late husband’s estate. But since Mariah also needs a way of supplementing the meager funds provided by her family, she begins writing novels. Inspiration for her literary efforts is the one thing not in short supply, especially once Captain Matthew Bryant arrives to lease the estate after her aunt’s death. Both kind-hearted and courageous, Matthew is the stuff from which romantic heroes are made, and he would be perfect for Mariah if only he wasn’t so determined to marry another woman! Christy and RITA nominee Klassen creates a wonderful cast of engaging characters while neatly stirring in a generous dash of mystery and danger into the plot of her latest, charmingly romantic inspirational romance.

This is my 4th novel by Julie Klassen that I have read and it didn’t disappoint me. The author picked a subject matter of a woman writer this time and it reminded me a lot of Jane Austin. Though the plot itself was somewhat obvious and the chemistry between the two main characters wasn’t developed as much as I would have liked, it was still a good vacation book to read.

Though I was aware of it from reading much about Jane Austin but I was still amazed by how un-accepting the society was about women writers back in the days and I’m so grateful for how far we have come!

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