Tiny Talk

These are the Tiny Talks of my 3-year-old ”big” girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


After poo-pooing (pardon my language *^^*)…

Bella: (waving at the flushed toilet) Bye bye, poo poo. See you later~ Have fun!!

How friendly is my little girl. :-)


Bella: Meow~

Mommy: Oh, are you a kitty cat this morning?

Bella: Meow~ I have a tail!

Mommy: “My, you do? I don’t see it!”

Bella: “Mommy, I have a tail because I’m a kitty!”

Oh, how ignorant of me…. :-)


An excited princess doing crafts!


Bella: (soon after waking up) Mommy, remember I was scared last night?

Mommy: Yes, I do and you came to see Mommy, didn’t you?

Bella: Yes, and I said, ‘Jesus, come! Jesus, come!’

That’s right, baby! All you need is Jesus and He’ll always protect you. I’m so proud of you….


Since I’m pregnant, I’ve been asking daddy to pick up various food items on the way home from work and one of them is slurpee, which I “graciously” share with Bella often. :-)

Bella: Is daddy coming home, mommy?

Mommy: Of course. He’s just a little late because he has a meeting today.

Bella: Ok….because Bella needs slurpee!!

Wow, is she already practicing for the time she is pregnant one day? :-)


We lost power a couple weeks ago with a big storm.

Bella: Mommy! I think Jesus is coming!!!

Mommy: He is? (Did I not miss the memo? *^^*)

Bella: Yes!! He’s gonna come and fix my computer and a movie!!!

Uh….You kind of got the right idea. He’s always there to help us for sure… :-) And you are just adorable, Bella!



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