Not So Much Wordless Wednesday: Bella Finally Did It…

I heard people saying that all kids cut their own hair one way or the other and that it WILL happen to Bella as well. Well, she finally did it! :-( She’s been practicing using her scissors for quite some time now and I thought that she’s old and responsible enough (silly me, what was I thinking?!) to cut papers and craft materials that were given to her only. Well, she proved me wrong and below is the evidence and my life lesson! :-)

Apparently this was a part of Bella's "craft" :-(


The good news is that she mainly cut inside of her hair and it’s not that noticeable. However, we’ll be getting her first hair cut soon!


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2 responses to “Not So Much Wordless Wednesday: Bella Finally Did It…

  • Abi

    laugh it, aunt Mary! :-) Actually it’s not that bad. She was holding her pony tail while cutting off her hair so it was mostly inner side of her hair, thank goodness! Unless you look carefully, you can’t tell. However, she’s been asking for a haircut ever since then. :-)

  • mary

    Mike and I want to see a photo of what’s left :-) Pardon us for laughing…..I’m sure she will look adorable however it turns out.

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