#58 My Name is Memory

A romance that stretches across centuries and past lives constitutes the core of Brashares’s varied second adult novel, the first in a planned trilogy. The story is primarily that of Daniel, as, in the present, he pursues Lucy (whom he knows as Sophia in a previous life) and attempts to persuade her of their history and destiny, but his passion initially and understandably scares her off. He disappears, presumed dead, but Lucy, unable to forget him, investigates his claims of their history until she discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Daniel takes readers on a tour of romantic near-misses, from sixth-century Africa through eighth-century Turkey to WWI. The story moves slowly and predictably, though when a plot finally materializes, Brashares (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) manages some satisfying momentum, even if the story begins to feel like it’s borrowed from a James Patterson novel. Brashares’s insights into human nature, meanwhile, should appeal to readers who enjoyed The Time-Traveler’s Wife, but can appreciate a Nicholas Sparks-esque sensibility.

Though it took me a while to start this book but once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down! I actually felt a heartache! Ok, so it’s possible that I’m more emotional now that I’m pregnant but still! :-)

It is definitely a fiction full of human imagination (which I gotta give credit to people who comes up with these things! Talking about creativity and imagination!) but it’s good none the less. The only thing that I didn’t like about the book was the ending. I read the last page of the book and went, “What?! what just happened?” I still have no idea what happened because it was pretty odd and I’m going to look up and maybe google what’s happening. If you read it, please tell me I’m not alone in thinking this! :-)


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