Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the Tiny Talks of my 3-year-old ”big” girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


Bella was playing with one of her Christmas gifts, a little game laptop that teaches children letters, shapes, measurement, etc.

Game Laptop: Which one is the tallest? Select the tallest bear.

Bella: Hold on, wait a second!!

So she’s even bossy to a game machine. :-)


While driving in the car, Bella heard a siren

Bella: What’s that noising? Somebody is honking?

Mommy: Oh, honey, it’s a police car. There must have been an accident and he’s in a hurry.

Bella: No, Mommy! R u honking, Mommy?!

Hey, what kind of driver do you think I am?! :-)


We’ve been at Nana Do’s house for a long holiday vacation and finally got back home recently. One morning, Bella walks into our room dragging her luggage….

Bella: I’m going to Arizona to see Nana Do!

If only things are that easy, my child. :-) You are so cute though! *^^*


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