Friday Fives: 5 favorite gifts

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“5 favorite gifts you have ever gotten or given – take it all the way back to the kid days” -Beth
1. Jesus:
I know, I know. But you know it’s true. He is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given and I cherish the day that I became a daughter to the king of kings in the summer of 2003. My life Before & After Christ is so amazingly different and I knew then that there was no going back, EVER! Yes, I have questions (so many to count indeed!) but I’ve been given more than enough answers by God and I can’t wait to get the rest of the answers when I see Him face to face. I have a mug that says, “Jesus is the reason for the season” and I try to tell myself that everyday.
2. Hubby & Daughter:
I used to think that I’d never get married or have a normal, happy life. (Ask my husband, he’ll tell you all the crazy things I used to think Before Christ! *^^*) When I made a decision to “allow” God to dwell in me about 8 years ago, He blessed me with so many things that I thought I could never have and the best of them all is my family. For some reason, this handsome Christ-follower hubby of mine decided to love me forever and God thought we’re good enough to be responsible for this beautiful daughter of ours (I know, it still is shocking!).
This morning, these two loves of my life were chasing after each other before Daddy left for work and my daughter giggled so hard, you’d think Christmas was here already! I love those little moments and I know everything else really doesn’t matter.
3. Jewelry from My Daddy:
I was never big on jewelry but I told my hubby the other day that as I’m getting older, I do like Jewelry more and more! It is true!! :-) But that is not why this is on my list. It’s more for the sentimental reasons. My Daddy (we emotionally adopted each other since I was 12 years old) gave me a Florida state shaped gold necklace for Christmas 1990 when he showed up at my house IN KOREA to surprise me. The gold ring was given to me about 10 years later, which he made for all of his daughters for his 70th birthday. Lastly, he gave me a gold cross necklace after my baptism in 2003. They all have significant meanings behind them and maybe that’s why I like them, other than the fact that it was given by my one and only Daddy, whom I love so much! I know I’ll cherish them for as long as I live and I’d hope that my daughter will keep them in memory of her Pops someday….
4. Figurines, Figurines, Figurines…:
I never thought I’d be one of those people who collect things but well, I found that I am indeed one of them! :-) I collect (by “collect” I mean “hubby buys it for me for occasions”) mostly figurines which are, Willow Tree, Country Artists Butterfly Fairies™ collection, Jim Shore and snow globes. They are just too pretty to look at and it makes me smile.
5. Theme Park Tickets!!!
Yes, I live in Orlando and theme parks are my life now that I have a little girl who just loves them! For the past two Christmas, both of our parents gave us gift money for Christmas to put towards our annual passes to theme parks and they brought us a year-long fun, laughter, happiness and beautiful memories! So thank you, parents! Honestly, I don’t know how families save like crazy for few years to come to Florida for a week-long vacation and I’m just so glad that we live here! At least we don’t have to worry about paying for lodging! :-)

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