Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the ”Tiny Talks” of my almost 3-year-old little girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


We’ve been “at war” with squirrels in our backyard since they’ve been feeding themselves from my bird feeder no matter how hard I try to outsmart them. In fact, they tore our screen so that they can get into our back porch to feed them! Bella has witness all these and she normally try to keep them away by shouting, “Squirrel! Don’t eat the birdie!!!” :-) This morning, she saw her Daddy putting on his socks which apparently had a tiny hole in them. And then she says,

Bella: Daddy, did squirrel do that?

Now, we blame squirrels for everything! :-)


My conversation with my girl this morning about what to eat for breakfast…daddy squish Bella!

Mommy: what would you like for breakfast?

Bella: Chips!

Mommy: No, you are not having chips for breakfast, silly! What else would you like?

Bella: Candies?

Oh, why not. You are just too cute to refuse anyway. *^^*


While playing with Daddy on the floor…

Bella: Daddy, squish Bella!


While playing at our front yard the other day…

Bella: Mommy, bugs are tickling me!

Only we’re that good and creative about expressing ourselves…. *^^*

2 responses to “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  • kewkew

    Visiting from Tiny Talk Tuesday. Your daughter is such a cutie. Love the fact that she thought the squirrel made the hole. Are you sure it didn’t? lol
    I let my girls have a donut after their healthy cereal today. Hoping that is better than candy or chips. My girls haven’t asked for candy or chips for breakfast, but they have been known to get into chips before breakfast, while I am getting the baby dressed.

  • Mary

    Hmmm…Great Aunt Mary is going to have to find a way to teach Bella that squirrels are cute and good creatures who need food just like the birds do :-)

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