Five Question Friday

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1. Who is the better cook, you or your spouse?
Me. Please, like there’s even a competition! :-) But then, I’m a stay-at-home mom and I guess I have more time to spend on cooking. Now, I must say that my hubby is so much better at making pancakes. His is so yummy~ I gave up on those a long time ago. Why get in the way of perfection, right? :-)
2. How often do you talk to your mom?
Depends, which mom are we talking cause I have lots! Probably not enough though. I’m lucky if I talk to my mom in Korea once a month but we try. I talk to my hubby’s mom probably about the same but we email each other though (actually my daughter and she email each other through me using code names and all so that I don’t understand their communication. Mind you, my daughter is not yet 3 years old). My dad’s wife, I talked to her most often, at least once a week and it’s mostly because my dad calls me twice a week so I can’t take credit for this. My godmother who is like my mother, I talked to her….wait, when was the last time I talked to her?! Crust muffin! It’s time to call her!!!
3. Are you adventurous in the kitchen or stick to the recipe?
I don’t know how to “whip up” things so I’d say I tend to stick to the recipe. I normally get ready to make dinner about 45 minutes before the actual dinner time and sometimes that’s not even enough! So you can tell how frustrating it is to see my mom (while she was visiting me from Korea in the summer) chatting, reading or doing whatever until 15 minutes prior to dinner time. But of course, voila! Dinner is always ready by the time my hubby got home. I was so jealous! I share some of her blood so surely I’ll be like her one day…well, one can always hope….
 4. Is your second toe longer than your big toe?
Yes. Isn’t yours?
5. Do you dress up for Halloween? (Bonus question: What will you be this year?)
Yes, I’m going to be a cute Asian Chic (a.k.a. myself) as usual. My daughter? She’ll be a half Asian Tinker Bell. Have you seen those? They are pretty cute, I must say. :-)

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2 responses to “Five Question Friday

  • Mary

    Why is that men are such good breakfast cooks?? Mike always makes the breakfast here. His pancakes are great too, but with my family’s recipe (yellow pancakes). I smiled at #4 . When I was in college taking Genetics, we had to do a survey of our family members about various physical traits to see how they were transmitted through the generations. Which toe is largest is one of them….my first and second are the same. For many the big toe is biggest. Some other things you can check…..Can you roll your tongue? Are your ear lobes free or attached at the bottom? Can you turn your tongue over from side to side? I can’t remember the rest but it was fun checking with all the relatives. I hope you posted a photo of the Asian Tinker Bell….I bet she was adorable.

  • Dawn @ Guiding Light

    Thanks for the giggles! Have a wonderfully blessed 5QF!

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