Pour Your Heart Out: Too Blessed


“Hi, my name is Abi and I’m ridiculously blessed.”

I decided to get involved with the prayer ministry at our church recently and I got the very first list of prayer requests yesterday. I was excited to pray for them and was thrilled that I could intercede with my prayers. As I was writing the names and their prayer requests down in my notebook so that I can pray for them throughout the week, it hit me…it hit me hard that I was blessed…too blessed, in fact.

People were having so many problems and many were suffering physically. I cried for them and I lifted them up as high as I could to reach God with my prayers for them. My heart ached for the pain and suffering that people were going through and I held on to God tightly for them because He’s the only hope that these people have. And then, I imagined what it would be like for me to go through the same problems…. I was grateful that I wasn’t and I was so thankful for how God blessed me and my family though I’m sure we don’t deserve it, not any more than those people I was praying for.

I AM thankful everyday for what God is doing but I do take things for granted sometimes. I forget how to be content after a while and I start grumbling. It’s so easy to lose track and I keep finding myself stop counting my blessings. I should never stop. I know that. And I wonder praying for others was a wake up call for me. I wonder if God planted a desire to pray for others in my heart so that I can find contentment in my life, be thankful for what I have and reach out. It is true. Nothing is coincidence in my life. I wonder if God was smiling when I finally figured it out. :-)

I visited a friend at a hospital last night after praying for her all day. She was asleep and I didn’t wake her. My heart broke for her after seeing her asleep alone in her hospital room, with no family around. I left her a note letting her know that I was there and that I’m praying for her. I wished that my note would bring a smile on her face. And I was thankful for my husband and a daughter right next to me and for the fact that they’ll be there for me always.

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