Making Your Home a Haven: Clean Up the Clutter

I’m participating in the Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge at Women Living Well and this week’s challenge (cleaning up the clutter both in the house & spiritually) is going to be a bit hard for me…because I feel like my house is one huge mess all the time and don’t even get me started on how cluttered my brain is! In fact, I had to ask my hubby to intercede and pray for me last night since I couldn’t shut my brain down so that I could get some sleep! :-)


I wish I have a basket for everything in my house so that everything (such as Bella’s toys, hubby’s shoes, lots and lots of paper work, stuffed animals, etc.) has a place to go at the end of the day. My life would feel so much organized then……NOT! :-) There’s no end to cleaning up the clutter because….well, life comes at you fast.

It is so much better in my house though. I get many ideas from magazines and I clean up the clutter one by one slowly. My problem is…well, I get too many ideas and I want to try them all and all at once… today! :-) I get over zealous and try too many things too soon and end up with more clutter if you know what I mean. :-(

However, it’s getting much better for we have lived in our house for over 5 years now and my baby is almost 3 years old who knows how to clean up (thank you, Lord! *^^*). Though my hubby’s been saying that we have too many stuff so I wonder if I’m supposed to get rid of more things… hmm…

For this challenge, I’m spending 15 min. every day to clean up the counter mess in my kitchen & family room. Will see how that goes!


I’m in a “good place.” Whatever that means. I just finished reading the entire Bible recently, I’m doing a Beth Moore Bible study on Acts as well as another small group study on the Holy Spirit. Am I making room for God? Yes. Am I doing what God wants me to do? I don’t know. Maybe and maybe not. Maybe not enough, for sure. My answer changes very often and perhaps consistency is what I need. But if you ask me if I’m free, then my answer is most definitely. I’m “spiritually” free. That is, I’m free in the truth because Jesus set me free.

The area I’m going to challenge myself in terms of spiritual clutter is my genuine relationship with God, free from all pretenses. It means I’m going to confess, cry out, petition, thank him, talk to him and ask for his peace and comfort any and every time I need Him. It’s means I’m going to be real, no faking, and treat Him as such. It’s just between God and me and I painfully know that He knows and sees me at all times. So why fake it and pretend? 

It is indeed hard to treat God as if he’s “real” meaning visible and touchable. But we all know that He is the most real thing in the world. I learned that by teaching my almost 3-year-old daughter the “real-ness” of God. I’m going to make Him real as if I can actually touch Him and see Him. That is my challenge and I’m going to start by calling Him to talk right now. :-)


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