#37 The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing

Banks’s debut short story collection about the mixed-up dating life of Jane Rosenal was a hit on the beach-reading circuit this summer. Hearing the author’s conviction while she reads her work proves why: there is an uncanny likeness between the writer and her feisty-but-neurotic heroine. Banks plays up this mood by narrating in a quiet, seductive voiceAone that nonetheless manages to convey a sense of sustained desperation. The episodes move chronologically, starting with Jane’s girl’s-eye view of her older brother, Henry, in bumbling action as he dates an older, more sophisticated woman. At age 16, Jane moves in with a great-aunt in her Manhattan apartment, then sees the world through her host’s jaded eyes. Later, as a lowly assistant in publishing, she is seduced by an older editor, a super-macho alcoholic who suffers impotence. Banks’s gifts of distanced objectivityAas author and readerAdovetail here with stylish panache. Based on the 1999 Viking hardcover.

This is the very first book by Melissa Bank and I loved it! Her writing is very sarcastic, funny, witty, touching, simple and concise to the point she wants to make. The delivery of her points were just excellent and I could just see her (or the main character) facial expression while I was reading it!

Now, I don’t know about getting the actual tips on hunting and fishing, but I recommend this book to every woman out there who needs a guide to life! :-) For me, as a Christ follower, I felt bad for Jane for she is a lost soul and I could see all the answers (well, at least what’s possible for us to do in this world) that she couldn’t. But such is life and I was in her shoes before I came to Christ. I suppose this was something I could relate myself to….

All I have to say is thank you, Courtney for recommending this book for our book club! *^^*


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