Friday Fives: 5 favorite posts on my blog

Just Me and My Life 

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5 of your favorite post that you have written on your blog” -Beth
1. Writer’s Block: I’m happy to have a writer’s block any time if that means my faith is strong in God and that my life is just peach because of God’s grace. God, I know you know this, but you ROCK! I love you so much!
2. My Ever Precious Little Darling…: This was the first letter to Bella that I wrote on this blog, which brings me a lot of memories. Plus, I love her picture from last winter…
3. I Have No Green Thumb: I talked about how I (pardon my French) suck at gardening. I know some of you are out there with me on this. Don’t try to deny it! :-) I must say though, my mom indeed made me a vegetable garden while staying with us this summer and it’s still alive and well! We have too many tomatoes though… *^^*
4. His Higher Ways: I wrote this for Granola Bar Devotional soon after my miscarriage and it’s a great reminder that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than mine….
5. Dad Life: This post doesn’t really have any content but it contains such a hilarious YouTube video. Sorry but I couldn’t help it!

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