#33 Bamboo & Lace

Few inspirational authors can put together a romance like Lori Wick, whose Bamboo and Lace is peopled with intriguing characters set against the two exotic backdrops. Shy, lovely Lily Walsh leaves her rural homeland, the tiny Asian country of Kashien, to visit her brother Jeff in Hawaii. Everything is new and exciting to Lily: grocery stores that overflow with food, chewing gum, coffee makers, and the luxury of hot showers. Most thrilling of all is Jeff’s best friend, the handsome Hawaiian Gabriel Kapaia, who teaches her how to play tennis and golf, and encourages her to become more assertive. Despite her conservative father’s disapproval, Lily falls in love with Gabe and must choose between pleasing a parent and following the tug of her heart. Although the book loses a little steam toward the end, Bamboo and Lace is a solid contribution to the Christian romance genre, and should win Wick some new readers and as well as satisfy her legion of fans. –Cindy Crosby Amazon.com Review>
A friend of mine at church recommended this book a long time ago (in fact, she brought it to church one day *^^*) and I finally got a chance to read it. This was one of the sweetest love stories that I’ve read and it’s filled with God’s grace.
This book covers all kinds of things including culture difference, father and daughter relationship, sibling relationship, parenting, marriage, family, adoption and even evangelism. I was a bit bored in the beginning of the book, but after about 50 pages, my heart did many beat-skippings, my eyes were wet quite often and I chuckled constantly. *^^*

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