Tiny Talk Tuesday


These are the ”Tiny Talks” of my 2-year-old little girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7   

While shopping at Target… 

Bella: “No, Mommy, put it down! We don’t need that, Sweetie!” 

I think somebody (a.k.a. Daddy) has been training Bella behind my back! *^^* I think it’s time to teach Bella about the magical world of credit card? :-) 


At the library, Bella picked out some DVDs she’d like to watch. 

Mommy: “Let’s pick out some books next, Bella.” 

Bella: “Nooooooooooo! I no like books!” 

Hmm….your future is so bright, kiddo. Good thing you are an Asian. :-) 


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