Friday Fives: 5 things you remember about 9/11

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This week’s Friday Fives topic is 5 Things you Remember About the day  of September 11th.
1. I was in Korea that year, teaching English at a private language school. I remember the image of the world trade center bring attacked right after my last class which was about 10pm Korean time. I was so shocked and at first I didn’t believe it’s true. 

2. I remember rushing home and I cried all the way home, not knowing what is going on. I missed my Dad in Florida and worried sick about those in the States I knew. All kinds of crazy thoughts came to me and all I could do was crying. I remember crying all night, watching CNN and BBC back and forth. I was completely horrified. I think I was glued to TV all night, sobbing, and very few words were spoken among my family that night.

3. I remember the firefighters and the rescue teams and the sacrifices they made for this country and the people. They are the most self-less and brave people I know. Enough said.

4. I remember little children and people in Middle East dancing and rejoicing in the streets. I was angry at them back then, but looking back, I’m saddened for them for being blinded by lies….

5. I remember the world trade center before the attack. I was lucky enough to visit the building few years before the attack and when I visited the ground zero in 2004, it was a totally different experience. It was sad indeed but not without hope and though it’s not my own, I was proud for this country and people who call themselves Americans.


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2 responses to “Friday Fives: 5 things you remember about 9/11

  • Mary

    I was surprised by #4 and had not thought about little kids elsewhere acting that way. The hatred of parents spreads so easily. It was a terrible time and not one we will forget.

  • Beth

    Thank you for doing this weeks Fives! Its hard to read everyones stories of that day but I think fear is theme of each one. It was a sad day for our country but I am glad that we are here today to pay tribute to that day and to the people of that day!

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