Friday Fives: 5 things that are always in my fridge

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This week’s Friday Fives is 5 things that are always in my fridge and no, I wouldn’t dare to post a picture of my fridge! :-) There are so many things that I always have in my fridge but I’ll try my best to pick out just five. I’d love to have some scary and peculiar food/products to post (you know, with me being a Korean and all! *^^*) but like my mom says, I’m too “Americanized” and hardly have any Korean food in my fridge, unless of course when she visits! :-)
1. Hazelnut Creamer by International Delight. What can I say? I like my creamer with coffee. :-) No wonder I don’t check its calorie content when I fill my coffee mug with it!!
2. Gatorade. They were recommended by my cardiologist for its sodium content to ease my irregular heart rhythm and normally I have them in my fridge unless my 2 year-old gets her hand on them! When asked what she wants to drink, her favorite answer is not milk or juice but “Gatorade!!” Yes, it is my fault and it’s getting expensive to match her drink preference these days. :-)
3. Yoplait Light Yogurt. No, I don’t do Original or Thick & Creamy or Whips and am very loyal to Light! :-) No, I don’t want to go over its sugar content, thank you very much! Once again, my daughter transitioned herself from her baby yogurt to “Mommy yogurt” few months ago since she is a big girl now. *^^* At least I don’t have to buy two different kinds of yogurt!
4. Brianna Fine Salad Dressings. I was introduced to Brianna’s salad dressings by my dad’s wife a couple of years ago and it’s so yummy and they taste just like homemade! My favorite kinds are Real French Vinaigrette and Blush Wine Vinaigrette but really all of them are good! There are 14 different kinds of dressings by Brianna but our local grocery store only carries 4 different kinds. :-(
5. Crumbled Feta by President. I love feta cheese on my salad, yum! But of course, it’s good on every kind of food that the mankind eat! :-) I normally get the biggest size out there at Costco and keep it in my fridge at all times.

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