Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the ”Tiny Talks” of my 2-year-old little girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 


While cuddling with Mommy on the couch one day…   

Bella: (pointing at her belly button under her shirt) Mommy, that my belly button, see?   

Mommy: Yes, I see that. Where’s Mommy’s belly button?  

Bella: (pointing at my belly button under my shirt) Right there! (thinking for a few minutes) Where’s Daddy’s belly button?  

Mommy: (trying not to laugh since Daddy was at work at this point) I don’t know, honey.  

Bella: Daddy’s belly button not here, Mommy. Daddy’s belly button at work, Mommy!  

Yes, Bella, I hope Daddy’s belly button is at work, attached to your Daddy’s body! :-)  


While coming into my bedroom, visiting me on bed…  

Bella: Hi, pretty lady!  

I guess that’s why Daddy says to Mommy all the time and Bella thought that’s just what you say to Mommy. :-)  

Bella: (shouting at Mommy and Daddy while getting ready to go out) Let’s go ladies!  

Once again, that’s what Daddy says to us. *^^*  


While sitting on her potty one day,  

Bella: Mommy, do you hear that? (putting her hand by her ear…) My booty farted!!!  

Uh….time to learn a new word? :-)  


While lying on the couch with her sniffing nose…  

Bella: Mommy, I don’t feel well… (sniff, sniff)  

Five words that break my heart… :-( I pray that Jesus will take your cold and fever away and keep you healthy, my sweet baby angel…

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