Bible in 90 Days: Day 57 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010God is so good! With all the crazy things that are going on in my life, I manged to catch up quite fast with God’s help and I’m only 2 days behind in my reading! I so look forward to Oct. 2nd when I will be finally finished reading the entire Bible cover to cover as well as the knowledge and wisdom (hopefully) that come with it. God is so great….

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” -Jeremiah 1:5-

This verse was so comforting and came to me in such a timely manner! Our church is going through a serious spiritual attack right now as we have been for the past five years and as things are getting better under the leadership of a new wonderful pastor, we are being attacked again! The devil seems so angry that we are slipping through his fingers and he is doing his best to keep us bounded. But as we all know, he has no chance and is going down because our church belong to God and the devil has no place in us!! I’m so blessed to have God on my side who knows me and sets me apart even before I was born. Thank you, Lord!!

My thoughts:  

  • I wish I could memorize the entire book of Proverbs! It contains so much wisdom that I can’t stand it sometimes! :-) Like many Christian women, I, too, try my best to follow the example of the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31, which I must say is nearly impossible! :-) But with God’s help, I believe we can all achieve that. Few weeks ago, I taught a group of women about breaking free in Christ at our local church and my dear husband came to speak for a few minutes to share my testimony since he was the one who witnessed everything up close and personal. Of course, he was so generous in his comments about me but what moved me the most (or embarrassed me the most, I should say) was that he quoted the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31 by saying that I am she. I know! Tell me about it! :-) Well, I’m sure he said that because he is totally biased and blinded by love but it was terribly embarrassing since I can’t even let myself compare myself to that woman. My husband was so sweet indeed and it gave me hope that I could be that woman someday and everyday, I’ll strive to reach my goal of being the wife of noble character.
  • I don’t know about you but I still have hard time thinking hair that’s like a flock of goats and teeth that are like a flock of sheep are romantic! :-) Plus women are totally more gifted with language than men. Just read and compare Solomon’s and His lover’s description of each other! However, I do love the romance described in it and I love how God bless the union between a husband and a wife.
  • In January of this year, we miscarried our second child and someone sent me few verses from Isaiah 55. Though I was sad, I was full of hope because of my God and in Isaiah, He showed me how His ways and thoughts are not mine and how His ways are higher than mine. I trusted Him then and I trust Him now. He is powerful beyond measure, victorious and everlasting and He is mine! Enough said. Isaiah was difficult to read (even though I have studied it before!) but there are so many jewel verses and I’m just so grateful for God words through this particular prophet.

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