Bible in 90 Days: Day 29 Check In

Bible in 90 Days- join in July 2010I’ve never thought I’d like Old Testament as much as I do now!  I always preferred New Testament and thought it was more applicable for my life right now but I learned so much through godly and ungodly people in OT.  Plus I can’t believe some of the stories and they are way more interesting than any other novels I’ve read!  The more I read, I realize how little I knew about the Bible….

I’m a bit behind this week but I’m sure I can catch up soon once all the crazy things (a/c water leakage, damaged floor and a/c replacement, a car trouble due to a dead battery, car scratch repair, etc.) are settled down a bit.   

My thoughts:  

  • I really got to know David through Samuel and I really like him as a Christ follower.  He’s definitely not perfect and I felt for him deeply when his own son went against him as well as when he lost his own son.
  • I love how Solomon asked for wisdom instead of any other worldly things he could ask for a king and how God blessed him for it.  Too bad he was lead astray by his wives in his old age….
  • How in the world Solomon deal with all those wives?! Ask my husband, one is more than enough to handle!! :-)
  • I was just amazed by the evil doings of Jezebel and Ahab and God is sometimes to gracious for such people.  But then, I’m sure he loves me way more than I deserve!
  • Can I just say all the names of kings and prophets are so confusing, especially when there’s just one letter difference between the two names?! :-)

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