Friday Fives: 5 things to relax & destress

Just Me and My Life

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This weeks’ Friday Five is 5 things you do to relax, destress,contain your composure or that you just enjoy doing for yourself.
1. Get Massage from my hubby: This is my favorite relaxation method and my hubby’s least favorite and a stress factor! :-)  But he loves me so much that he doesn’t mind….I think… :-)
2. Watch Movies: Depends on how I feel, I can pick any movie accordingly and just watch it away. :-)  I would love to just stay in bed in my pjs and watch movies all day long!
3. Nap: Even if I take a 15 minutes nap, it does wonders to my stress!  It’s just so….yummy! :-)
4. Bath: Need I say more?  Nice warm bubble bath with soothing music and relaxing scent candles all around me…  Sometimes I watch a movie in my bubble bath which is a double stress reliever! :-)
5. Read: I know, I know, you never though you’d hear that from me but it’s true!  Ever since I started my 52 books in 2010 challenge, I like to just sit and read!  Good to my soul as well I’m sure. *^^*

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