Bible in 90 Days

Hi, my name is Abi and I’m crazy! :-)

As if I have nothing else to do, I just added one more thing to my list of things to do today.  Though I have studied many different books in the Bible, I’ve never finished the entire Bible before.  I knew I’d need help or some kind of support or accountability tool and I have found one at Moms Toobox and I’m starting the Bible in 90 Days Challenge today.

This summer is going to be a crazy one with my family visiting from Korea for 7 weeks, vacations, church activities, Bible class teaching, reading 52 books a year challenge and yes, rasing a child while being a good wife all at the same time!  Plus, the Bible in 90 Days challenge has already started on Monday so I’m four days behind but I’m sure I catched up soon enough.  If you will, please pray for me to focus, be patient and most of all, for me to depend on God and ask for His help.

So, here it goes! :-)


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