I miss you and I’m so ready to come home! :-)

Hi, Baby!!

We miss you!  It’s been only a few days but I’m keenly aware of your absence and I’m so ready to come home to you!  Bella misses you (she really does ask me, “where daddy go, mommy?” few times a day!) but I miss you the most!

I was thinking about when was the last time we were apart like this and I couldn’t remember really.  We hardly go anywhere without the other (come to think of it, we either quit or changed our jobs in the past because we didn’t like to be apart!) and I hate being away from you.  I don’t know how we did it in the beginning of our marriage, especially when you had to put me on the plane for my business trip merely three days after we got married!  Do you remember my long business trips overseas that lasted anywhere from two to almost four weeks? They are all good memories but for the record, I don’t want to do it again! :-) I think a week is about all I can handle. 

It seems like Bella is growing up too fast these days.  I hate your missing all the little moments of her “growing up” for the past few days.  She’s been so cute with pops and grandma Jackie and you would’ve loved watching her playing dress-up with her aunt Merri and her little friend, Addison.  I know she is our daughter and all but she was the cutest princess ever and she looked precious when she walked while holding her dress in her hands, trying so hard not to trip over. :-)

Bella loves her pool time (I actually “bribe” her with it so that she’d take her afternoon naps and it works like a magic!) and I’m thinking a house with a pool needs to be considered seriously. :-)  She became very comfortable in the water in the past few days and pops is so proud of her.  She floats all by herself (of course with her “floaty wings”), which was impossible in the first couple days, I tell you.  She loves when pops and aunt Merri race in the water and she shouts, “go, pops! go aunt Merri!” to cheer them.  Yes, she is indeed the most precious thing you’ve ever seen! :-)

We’ll be coming home tomorrow and we are excited!  I for one can’t wait to snuggle in the couch with you and who knows what kind of attention Bella’s gonna need from you.  I’m quite sure that she’ll try to tell you all kinds of story of her time with pops and grandma Jackie when we come home so I hope you are ready.  Not to worry.  I’ll be there and translate everything for you. :-)

Love you and see you tomorrow!

hugs and kisses,

Forever Yours!


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