#24 The Overnight Socialite

Clark (Because She Can) moves the Pygmalion myth to Manhattan, adds a dash of Thelma and Louise and proves what goes around, comes around to those born to the manor or trailer park. Professor Higgins is recast as suave bachelor Wyatt Hayes IV, the sleekest lion in the pride, who picks down-on-her-luck fashion designer wannabe Lucy Jo Ellis to make over into the toast of the town. The deal is eventually struck—makeover and a shot at well-born fashion contacts for a gentleman’s bet that masks a lucrative and career-saving book deal. Along the way, these perfectly matched antagonists battle mean-as-a-snake society snoots and their own misguided ambitions to find happiness and each other. (And, it should be said, the Rain in Spain remix is pretty great: The snow in Gstaad puts Aspen’s to shame! the newly svelte and prepped Lucy proclaims.) Yes, of course the ending’s no surprise, but the rollicking, smart-aleck fun along the way is worth the price of admission.

The Overnight Socialite by Bridie Clark was fun, refreshing, witty and totally entertaining!  Since I watched all three seasons of The Real Housewives of New York City (I’m not proud of it but I couldn’t help it! *^^*), it was easy for me to understand (frankly, I could literally visualize them!) some of the characters of this book and vanity that they wrap themselves with.  It was a fun read and I liked the Clark’s style of writing filled with witty remarks.  The only complaint I had was that there wasn’t enough story and relationship building between the two main characters (Lucy and Wyatt) and their romantic relationship and the ending seemed to abrupt.  But overall, I liked it enough that I’ll be checking out her another novel, Because She Can.

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