Friday fives: 5 random questions

Just Me and My Life

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1. If given a choice to skip work for a day, how would you spend the entire day?
Since I’m a stay at home mom, skipping work for a day means “Bella-free day” and I’d stay in my pj’s all day, reading books, watching movies, eating yummy take-outs, napping several times and end the day with a nice hot bath.  Yes, I’m that boring! :-)
2.If you could start fresh, what profession would you choose?
I’d be a nurse!  Besides the fact that I have so much respect for them (after dealing with them many times in the past few years), it doesn’t take as much time, money or stress for that matter to finish the school as a doctor.  Plus it has a pretty good job security and schedule could be very flexible and I could work at nights!  Best of all, I definitely could use the skill on raising a child and know what to do when my child is sick! *^^*
3.What is your favorite candy or candy bar?
Twix.  If Bella is not my child, I don’t think I’d share my Twix with her and no, Peter doesn’t get my Twix. :-)
4.Have your ever ordered anything from an infomercial or bought an”As seen on TV item“?
I remember laughing at my husband ordering some magic knife set in the middle of the night (when he was in graduate school) since he is so not that kind of guy.  I did order Proactive for my hubby a long time ago, which we returned for a full refund (thank you, Proactive!) just because Peter didn’t like it.  My latest purchase was one of those yoga toes and I seriously love them!!  It’s very handy not only to stretch your toes out but to separate your toes when putting nail polish on your toe nails!
5. What’s the movie you ALWAYS cry at??
I can’t really think of one right now although there are so many to name!!!  One movie I can think of is Meet Joe Black, especially the scene when the Anthony Hopkins character dances with Claire Forlani, his daughter, saying final good-byes without actually saying it.

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