Tiny Talk Tuesday

These are the “Tiny Talks” of my 2-year-old little girl, Bella.  For more Tiny Talks, head over to Mary’s at Not Before 7 

I had a lot of headache one afternoon.

Me: Bella, Mommy has so much headache, which means Mommy’s head hurts. Can you kiss Mommy’s head to make it better?

Bella: Ok, Mommy.

(She came up to me and studied my forehead for a while)

Bella: I don’t see it, Mommy. Where is it?

She was looking for a boo boo in my forehead and apparently she didn’t see one. :-)


Bella and I were cuddling in the couch when she held my face with her two tiny hands and looked into my eyes.

Bella: Mommy, what’s that? (still looking into my eyes)

Me: What?

(She POKES my left eye with her index finger! I covered my eyes with my hand IN PAIN!!!)

Bella: Mommy, I can’t see! (waiting for me to open my eyes) What’s that?

Wow…honey, it’s called an eyeball and you don’t just poke it with your finger! :-)


I just hung up the phone with my best friend, whom I talk to frequently.

Bella: Who you talkin’ now, Mommy? (She constantly asks this question these days, everywhere we go.)

Me: Oh, that was Misty, honey.

Bella: Again?!!!

Apparently, I talk to her too often!!


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