Family Night Tuesdays

My dear princess, Bella,

I watched you all morning playing with your toys and in the pool and I think you are the cutest child ever!  I don’t care what others say.  To me, you are a perfect child in every way and I love you so very much.

Did you have fun last night?  You seemed like you did.  Mommy and daddy decided to have family night Tuesdays where there is no TV watching or any individual activities.  We taught you a hide and seek game for the first time and you just loved it.  I know that because you giggled the whole time.  You’re still quite young to understand the game I think but you loved finding mommy and daddy under the comforter, in the closet, behind the couch, in the shower and under the bed.  You’re so cute when hiding and we didn’t have to try hard to find you because you made sure you made some kind of noise.  *^^* 

We tried to teach you baseball but I don’t think you got the game since you wanted to hold both the bat and the ball at the same time.  Well, that lasted about 2 minutes but it was fun nonetheless. :-)  And then we drew and colored as a family.  You did in fact sat still for at least ten minutes and colored your princess coloring page.  Needless to say, Mommy was very impressed!  How adorable you were….  And then we played with your ducky toy that made a hideous noise which you didn’t let us turn off.  Daddy and I just laughed at you.  In fact, we laughed a lot last night.  It was quite fun, wasn’t it?  I’m looking forward to many fun-filled future Tuesday nights with you and Daddy.  By the way, know that we’ll make you spend Tuesday nights with us even when you are a “cool” teenage girl and has nothing to do with us! :-)

You make mommy’s heart full, pumpkin.  I hope you know that.  I also hope you know that anything and everything I do for you, I do it because I love you so much, my darling.  Sometimes it is not easy at all because I have to discipline you and that is just not fun.  But even then, I love you more than you can ever imagine, sweetheart.

3 responses to “Family Night Tuesdays

  • Mary

    Adorable child indeed :-) I think that Family Night Tuesdays sounds like a terrific idea. If only more families did this sort of thing and turned off the TV, etc. It will benefit all of you!

  • Beth

    What a sweet post! She is a beautiful, precious, and much loved little girl!

  • Katie

    On the worst days of my life, I have a cute little red head that fills my heart to overflowing and reminds me how much Jesus loves me.

    I understand thinking your child is the most perfect beautiful smartest kiddo around – because they ARE!

    When I feel lost, alone, unloved, I have this little peace of me that loves me unconditionally…giggles at the oddest things…makes me laugh and let go of my hangups and lets me have FUN and enjoy LIFE again.

    I love this post! We should all post more good things like this about our family.


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