Tiny Talk Tuesday

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Bella is obsessed with Snow White these days and wants to watch it over and over again.  Her daddy and I try so hard to distract her with other things or persuade her to watch other princess movies, but we seem to fail without failure. :-)  Her favorite part you ask?  Mean queen!  Go figure….  So I popped the Snow White DVD once again into the DVD player this morning (it’s especially hard to say no when she’s not feeling well and begs with her sad little eyes…)  After few minutes into the movie

Bella: Mommy, mean quween!!! See?  What happen?  Mommy, look!  Mean quween! I scaerred!

Me: Are you scared?  Honey, we don’t have to watch Snow White if it scares you.  Do you want to watch something else?

Bella: No, no, no, nooooooooooooooooo, Mommy!  (this child is literally freaking out!!!)  Mommy, no!!!!!! 

(back to the movie….now, we’re watching the part with poison apple)

Bella: Mommy, what’s that?

Me: Uh….well, mean queen made a poison apple (yes, it says so on the black magic book!) to put Snow White to sleep for a long time.

(After biting into the apple, Snow White falls asleep)

Bella: Mommy, look!!! Mean qwueen!!  Kill Snow White!!!

Mean or sometimes evil queen, a scene with a knife, poison apple, many many scary parts, mean queen “killing” Snow White….First of all, this is an awful movie and secondly, my child is going to have psychological issues….  I’m worried!!!  Good thing Nana Do is a psychologist! :-)


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5 responses to “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  • Mary@notbefore7

    Oh yes, I recall the realization that Disney movies were so terrifing. We watched The Little Mermaid and my 3 year old at the time had the same morbid fascination with it. Terrified, but didn’t want it to be turned off. After the nightmares (unexplained night waking) began, we “lost” Ariel for almost a year. Her 7th bday “gift” was watching Sleeping beauty :) LOL! But mine aren’t damage from it :)

  • Abi

    Aunt Mary, Bella watches the same version you’ve watched. The photo has nothing to do with the movie (Disney did some princess photos with bunch of actresses recently and it;s one of them). I thought it was pretty so I posted it. :-) By the way, nana Do likes Snow White and we didn’t own one while she was visiting so I purchased it few months ago.

  • Mary

    Goodness….I’ve never seen this version. I like the old animated movies so much better than real life ones. I guess that says something about my “age”. Maybe Nana Do will have to psychoanalyze me, too.

  • Abi

    Yes, Katie, apparently we can’t not like Snow White and since we watch it like thousand times everyday, I might enjoy it! :-) My hubby says that the pricne from the Snow White is the most useless one since he doesn’t do much “manly” stuff (vs. Prince Philips from the Sleeping Beauty who fights a dragon and everything *^^*). I’m like you, one kiss to make everything perfect works for me. :-)

  • Katie

    So many kids movies are seemingly innocent but then when you look a bit deeper…WOW!

    I like Snow White though…how can you not like when Prince Charming kisses you and makes the world all perfect again?


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