Friday Fives: 5 peolple to have lunch with

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Visit Beth @ just me and my life for more Friday Fives and link up!  This week Friday Fives topic is “If you could have lunch with any 5 people (real of fictitious/ from any time period, dead or alive) , which 5 people would you choose?”

1. Jesus. Need I say more?  I want to save meeting my heavenly father until I come home to Him but I’d love to have lunch with Jesus, the perfect man who ever lived, and listen to Him and ask tons of questions!  I’m sure lunch won’t be long enough and I probably cry the whole time but one can always hope and dream. :-)

2. My father.  I don’t remember much about him since he died when I was only 6 years old and the things I remember are not that pleasant for he was hardly sober.  He was a “broken” man, physically, mentally and emotionally for as long as I can remember and he was so buried under sadness and self-pity that he couldn’t see anything outside of his world.  But I know he once was a man full of hopes and dreams and perhaps much love to give.  I don’t blame or hate him, I never did.  I felt sorry for what he went through and the circumstances he had to face everyday.  I would love to have lunch with my father, a man before his car accident, before any physical injuries, before his drinking and abusiveness and before hardships of life.  And I pray that I see his perfect face with no pain and weeping in heaven one day.

3. Edward Cullen (the character from the novel, not the movie).  Yes, go ahead, laugh it up! :-)  I do wish to have lunch with him, not because he is handsome or everyone is crazy about him but because I think the way he loves Bella is just so unconditional and selfless.  I like him because he is so unreal in his ways of loving Bella however imperfect he is.

4. Clint Eastwood.  I’m not a big fan of him and I sure didn’t watch all of his movies.  But I love how calm and quiet this man is and I love his directing style.  He reminds me of my dad a lot (actually they were born in the same year, a month apart!) and he seems very gentle and sensible.

5. Beth Moore.  I just adore this woman and I don’t care what you say about her hair (hello, she lives in Texas!) or her choice of clothing!! :-)  I gained so much Bible knowledge through her Bible studies and she planted in me the love for my sisters in Christ.  I love how she doesn’t get caught up in the “emotions” and “feelings” (though she is very nurturing and empathetic), which some women tend to get caught up with, and her studies are Bible based and truth focused.  I just love her and it would be just so fantastic to spend time with this godly woman! 

5 responses to “Friday Fives: 5 peolple to have lunch with

  • Dawn

    Im stopping by from The Lady Bloggers Society Tea Party! :)

    Im digging your list here! Jesus, Clint Eastwood, & Edward Cullen! I love me some Edward!!! Movie Or Book–hes HOT! LOL

    Im adding you to my list of blogs to read! :)

  • Stacy

    Stopping by for the first time from the Lady Bloggers Society! I love your blog! I would definitely have lunch with any of the Cullens! …Well, maybe not Jasper, at least not alone! :) Jesus would definitely be at the top of my list as well, the cool thing about that is that someday we will have that chance!

    Have a great day, and I’ll definitely be back for more!

  • Kim

    A friend of mine did a Bible study at our church around the Twilight books. She talked about how so many girls/women were drawn to Edward because of how he completely and unconditionaly loved Bella. She drew a comparison to Jesus – that His love for us is the same- completely unconditional. That we al have an “Edward” , in a sense, in Jesus. Sounds crazy, but it was really good.

  • Beth

    Now that is a great list!! Love Beh Moore, I should have thought of her!!

    Thanks for doing my Friday Fives and I hope you a great weekend!

  • Katie

    ::swoon::: Clint Eastwood!!! Now that is how a REAL man should act and be. :-) That said I know nothing about his personal life…but his calm quiet masculine aura (if you will) is the epitomy of a “mans man” in my book.

    Beth Moore is lovely in person. I saw her at a conference once in Houston and got a book autographed. I didn’t really “meet” her but I witnessed her interaction with staff and other individuals and she is SO genuine. :-)

    I hope you get to sit with your earthly father right next to your heavenly father and have a wonderful lunch one day. Seeing what one did for the other. :-)

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