#21 A Bride in the Bargain

Popular evangelical Christian novelist Gist tells a could-have-happened tale of a Seattle landowner who requires a wife to keep his 640 acres. In the land replete with timber but few women, widower Joe Denton signs a contract with Asa Mercer to deliver the wife he needs to ensure his land rights. Unfortunately, 19-year-old Anna Ivey doesn’t realize she’s signed on for marriage; she only wants passage out West and a job. Sparks fly as tempers flare when Joe and Anna discover they are at cross-purposes. Acquiescing to common sense as well as a sense of desperation, the two agree to work together temporarily. As Anna cooks up a storm in payment for the traveling debt Joe incurred on her behalf, Joe cooks up his own scheme for wooing Anna into marriage. Gist’s work is comical, sassy and sweet—yet her story’s ending ties together a bit too neatly for readers who relish real-life finales. (June) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. <source: Publishers Weekly>

This is a second book by Deeanne Gist I’ve read and I loved it!  Since I’m not from this country, I’m not familiar with much history including Mercer girls.  It was quite fascinating and I loved the fact that many letters and news articles in the book were real as well as the characters including Asa Mercer and Dr. Maynard.  This book is definitely worth staying up late at night. :-)

It was interesting to find out that the girl on the book cover is Gist’s daughter.  How fun and cool is that?! *^^*

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