Tiny Talk Tuesday

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Bella has been having a bit of hard time falling asleep for her nap time after visiting nana Do in Arizona (3 hour time difference).  She gets really cranky and refuses to lie down even when her eyelids are getting too heavy for her! :-)  So I have been telling her that we would do things that she likes when she wakes up from her nap.  So below are few of the first things she’s said after her nap….

Mommy got her a princess tea party set the other day and she wanted to play with it instead of taking a nap.

Me: I tell you what, baby.  We can have a tea party when you wake up from your nap, yes, Mommy?

Bella: Yes, Mommy…Tea parwie I wake up?

Me: Yes!  Good night, sweetheart…

(After two hours of nap, I got my little sleepyhead up and she opens her eyes, still unconscious, and says…)

Bella: Mommy, I wake up! I Tea parwie, Mommy!


We were passing by the library on the way home from Bella’s preschool and Bella says,

Bella: I go waibebeby, Mommy, pweese?

Me: Uh….not right now, baby, but we can go to the library after you wake up from your nap this afternoon, ok?

(After her nap, she says with still closed eyes…)

Bella: Mommy, I wake up! I go waibebeby!!


It’s 10:30 at night and Bella was still not asleep….

Me: Guess what? You may play with Graciana tomorrow morning but you’ll need lots of energy. So how about you go night night so that you’ll have lots of energy to play with your friend, ok?

Bella: I pway wie Gwaciana, tomowow?

Me: That’s right, pumkin. Night night~

(After one more hour of tossing and turning, she finally falls asleep…and 7:30 in the morning, she marches into our bedroom and says,)

Bella: Mommy, I wake up! Weiwer Gwaciana, Mommy? I pway wie Gwaciana!


Yes, she can be quite annoying (especially early in the morning!) but still so very adorable and cute!  So needless to say, I can’t just say things to her and not keep my promises any more since she obviously remembers everything!  Smart kid…. Sigh…my life was so much easier when she didn’t talk or understand what I was saying… :-)

One response to “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  • Katie

    My boy is like that! Wakes up talking about what I promised to get him to sleep. I have to be careful…the promised trip fishing that got called off because of rain a few weeks ago still gets mentioned. Oops!


    She sounds adorable!!!

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