Managing Your Moods

Sometimes, our moods can get the best of us. They can even stand in the way of healthy communication with others. So, let’s sit down with a cup of tea for a heart-to-heart study about our moods and emotions. In this study we’ll tackle the garden-variety moods and emotions we deal with every day with down-to-earth illustrations to give you a chance to laugh and think, and dozens of thoughtful insights from Marilyn Meberg, Luci Swindoll, Barbara Johnson, Sheila Walsh, Thelma Wells, Patsy Clairmont, and Nicole Johnson—the “Women of Faith”. Twelve weeks of Bible study enable you to search the Scriptures for God’s answers to controlling our emotions, and a leader’s guide is included.

I’m an emotional person with lots and lots of hormones.  And that’s a fact.

Recently I have come to realize that much of my behaviors and attitudes are affected by my moods and emotions and I decided it is not ok to be moody or grumpy just because and that I can overcome them with the help of God.  I suggested Managing Your Moods (Women of Faith Study Guide Series) to my Bible study group and we just finished it in six weeks.  This book is very simple and short, it contains so many Bible verses, which I can use them to control my moods.  It covers many issues like anger, jealousy, and even PMS-ing and I loved learning what God says about all these issues.

I highly recommend this book for a small group study or even a personal spiritual growth.


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