SeaWorld, Here We Come!

I finally got the annual passes to SeaWorld and Aquatica today and can’t wait to start SeaWorld & Aquatica Wednesdays with Bella (thanks to generous nana Do and pops & grandma Jackie)!  It’s been a few months since our Disney and Wet N Wild passes had expired and I think we are ready to hit the theme parks again!  But since Disney is so expensive, we decided to save that for next year when Bella is older and can appreciate it more.  Plus, Peter and I can careless about Disney, which apparently is so weird for a lot of people.  What can we say…we hate lines, waiting, sun, and crowded places and we are more content with a lazy day by the pool with family and friends to play games. :-)

Last year, Bella and I did Wet N Wild Wednesdays every week and it was fabulous to spend time in the cool water (especially with the hot, merciless Florida sun!) and to watch Bella loving the water!  I tell you, that child of mine has absolutely no fear of water whatsoever! :-)  I’m determined to teach her how to swim this summer…well, maybe…since it’s gonna take a lot of patience, which I don’t have, and expertise, which I don’t own (yes, I learned how to swim at age 19, no you read it right, at 19 years old after almost being drown by 4-year-old boy!).

We are so fortunate to live in Orlando and enjoy all the fabulous deals on theme parks!  I can’t imagine saving thousands of dollars to come to Disney and SeaWorld for a short family vacation and it’s an inevitable trip if you have little ones at home!  At least we don’t have to spend money on hotel rooms and food by living in this city even though we have to deal with hurricane, burning hot sun, bugs, fleas and more bug problems! :-)


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