French Open!

It’s French Open season and I love it! *^^* 

If you know me, you know that I’m not into sports.  Period.  Well, I like watching basketball, tennis and sometimes football but I get too intense and stressed out and I have decided that it’s just not good for my heart. :-)  However, my love for tennis started all over again with my mother-in-law falling in love with Roger Federer a few years ago… :-)  She loves Roger (she knows all about him, she reads about him constantly, and her computer is wallpapered with his picture.  Yes, we always tease her about her crush *^^*) and that made us pay attention to tennis ever since.  Now, I actually DVR all the major tennis matches and talk to her about it.  Go figure.  Thanks, mom! :-)

I must say though that it’s really cute to watch Bella shouting, “Gooooooooooo, Roger!!!” in front of TV.  I’m sure she has no idea who Roger is and that why we get so excited about this man, but what can I say?  She’s a good sport. :-)

The question has been raised regarding Roger’s retirement and what my mother-in-law is gonna do after that.  I think she’s been searching for Roger’s replacement, though without success, and I think she kind of found a nice young “boy” named Gulbis, but we’ll have to see about that.  For now, I’m quite content with cheering for our old time favorite Federer and….. I hope he wins this French Open again! :-)

2 responses to “French Open!

  • Mary

    I think a lot of us are wild about Roger, but I admit that Dorothy is at the top of the fan club :-) I’ve been enjoying the matches as well and hope that Roger wins, but I do like Nadal as well.

  • Katie

    Lol…I’m not a fan of sports either…not any really…but I think it’s cool that she has a celebrity “crush” like that! And I can see why…not bad to look upon.


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