Pour Your Heart Out: How are you still awake, child?!

“Stop! Stop!”

“Jesus loves me this I know~”

“Oh, my goodness!”

“Daddy? Mommy? Daddy!!!”

Believe it or not, we tucked our little one in bed little after 8: 30 pm but those are what we are hearing at 11:30 at night while my husband and I were reading in bed.  No, it’s not unusual at all since about two months ago and it’s been like this for way too long!!  She’s quite adorable and I love listening to her outside her door.  But the whole whining and crying and calling for us is just too much!!

“From ages 1 to 3, most toddlers sleep about 10 to 13 hours. Separation anxiety, or just the desire to be up with mom and dad (and not miss anything), can motivate a child to stay awake. So can simple toddler-style contrariness.” <source: http://kidshealth.org&gt;

I’m laughing reading this because my 28 months old daughter sleeps for about 8 hours!! :-)  Well, she does take a good nap for about 2 hours in the afternoon so technically she does get about 10 to 11 hours of sleep, but seriously? Staying awake after 11pm?  I’ve tried lots of things (giving her bath before she goes to sleep, having a night-time ritual, bribing with fun things we’d do the next day, spanking, more spanking, spanking with wooden spoon, etc.) but I don’t think I have found a magic solution sadly…. :-(

I’m just a bit frustrated so if you have any good suggestion, please let me know!!!

3 responses to “Pour Your Heart Out: How are you still awake, child?!

  • Katie

    Mine is 2 1/2 and has been the best sleeper and nightime kid ever – until 2 months ago – when Daddy moved out…and I struggle from 8:30 to midnight most nights to get him asleep.

    Wish I had a solution…I know your situation is different…she’s just testing boundaries probably…mine I believe is a big seperation anxiety thing.

    (((HUGS))) Praying for you! That is never fun and seriously cuts down on mommy/daddy time!

  • Carrie

    Ugh, sleep isues suck. I’ve been there. My youngest is currently going through a “fight bedtime” thing and has been waking up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I can ignore her but once she starts yelling “mommy…mommy…MOMMY!!!” I know I have to get up :)

    The only thing I can say is that it will pass. She will settle down, she will sleep…eventually.

    visiting from Lady Bloggers

  • Shell

    OMG, you poor thing! That’s late. I’d tell you when my kids go to bed, but you might hate me for it. Might be the nap…though I’d always rather have a child who naps than one who goes to bed early!

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