#19 Having A Mary Spirit

Starred Review. Devoted fans of Weaver’s bestselling title, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, have waited some seasons for a follow-up worthy of this original Mary/Martha signature piece. According to Weaver, a six-month writing sabbatical morphed into six years while two children grew up, a third was born, church-building projects loomed large, relational miscommunications snowballed and inner chaos reigned. She admits that the tugs between flesh and spirit took their toll on her flagship message for Christian women to achieve life balance between the soulfully serene “Mary” and perfectionist “Martha.” Weaver spends 16 delightfully entertaining and spiritually hefty chapters challenging and entreating women to allow God entrance to the heart’s inner places for a “soul-surgery” of sorts. She discusses guarding one’s heart from distractions and cynicism; bringing thoughts under control; honing a fearless, courageous attitude; and learning to adopt a discerning, malleable and servant-minded spirit. Weaver’s insight is keen and far-reaching, patient and practical. Clearly, the substance of this material is neither new or unique, yet Weaver has a way of approaching even well-worn subject matter with a neighborliness that both charms and enthralls. (Oct. 10) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

I enjoyed Joanna Weaver’s first book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha Worldbut her second book, Having a Mary Spirit was even better!  As a pastor’s wife, Weaver shares many of her shortcomings honestly in this book and she provides so much more practical ways to transform ourselves in Christ, which she calls a “Holy Makeover.”

One of the things I got to think a lot through this book was the importance of speaking love, being positive and encouraging with my words.  It is so important to build others up with words (rather than tearing them down, which I’m so guilty of many times!) and honestly, life is so much easier when I use encouraging words to others and people are so much nicer to you! :-)


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