Tiny Talk Tuesday

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At the dinner table, Bella wasn’t quite done with her dinner and was slowing down.  I thought yummy dessert could entice her to finish her dinner sooner than later so I asked….

Me: Bella, guess what we’re having for dessert?!

Bella: (she looks around the table with her big eyes) Me!!

Yes, I could just eat her cuteness up everyday! :-)


We’re visiting nana Do and aunt Mary in Arizona and it’s just so cute to watch little Bella playing with them.  Plus it’s always nice to have other people entertain the child from time to time while my husband and I read books in another room. :-)  On a plane ride to Arizona, Bella was such a good little traveler as she always has been and this time (now that she’s talking and singing and all), she busted out lots of Bible songs out loud.  Yes, normally we would tell her to use an inside voice and hush her but that day, we were one of those parents who didn’t quite “control” their kids.  I figured few Bible songs up in the air was good for many souls. :-)

3 responses to “Tiny Talk Tuesday

  • Mary

    I’m glad you had a relaxing time in Arizona with Dorothy and Mary….lucky you! Good for Bella and I bet everyone thought she was so cute they didn’t care how loud she was :-) You need something to take your mind off of the cramped seating arrangments anyway.

  • Katie

    YOu better believe Bible Songs are good anytime and anyplace! At ANY volume!! Sounds like she is a sweetie for sure! I have a cute little 2 1.2 year old redheaded boy….want to arrange a future marriage??? Hehe…I want him to have a cute brunette woman of God…sounds like Bella is on her way there!

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