Pour Your Heart Out: Fleas Fleas Go Away~

Hi, my name is Abi and I’m a scratcher. :-)

My whole body is covered with flea bites (ok, so I’m exaggerating but it sure does feel like the whole body has been bitten!) and I’m going nuts trying to control and not scratch myself.  I never noticed it until I got married but my husband stops me from scratching my skin off all the time and I realised that apparently I have no self-control in that area.  I see bug bites, I scratch.  I feel itchy, I scratch.  I see bug bites on my child, I want to scratch it for her!  The worst of it all is that I’m a sleep-scratcher and I wake up my husband with my “eerie” scratching noise in the middle of the night.  Can you imagine, being woken up by your wife’s uncontrollable scratching habit?  Poor my husband, it’s quite gross (yes, I admit it!) and that’s how I know he loves me unconditionally. :-)  I must say though, I’m trying….and considering adding “self-control” as my middle name! :-)

Well, mosquito bites are bad enough but we recently have found out that we have fleas in the house.  Mind you, I didn’t know what fleas look like and even after all of us were marked with “bug bites” all over our body, flea issue was the last thing in my mind because we’ve never had fleas before (that we were aware of)!  I thought we spent too much time outside in the kiddie pool with Bella and that whatever bug spray we had used didn’t quite work well.  It was only after a friend of mine who was visiting me saw it in our family room said that’s what it was.  I about died!!  My poor child has been bitten by fleas for over three days?!!!  As soon as my friend told me, I ran into her room and took all the bed sheets, a floor rug, blankets, stuff animals and anything and everything in cloth material out of her room.  I was simply horrified!!  We don’t even own pets for goodness sake!!!  I called my husband and freaked out!

Looking back, I vaguely remember my husband coming in one day from taking yard trash out or something and sitting down on the floor with Bella and I to play with blocks or something.  I remember seeing some black bugs flying off of his body and he felt disgusted and took a shower right after.  Yes…and I remember thinking nothing of it…sigh…  Well, a long story short, my hubby sprayed the heck out of our house with flea spray thingy whatever it’s called and treated our lawn as well.  We haven’t seen any flea in the house since then except the occasional dead or almost dead ones but any and every little black dots or things on the floor freak both my husband and me out and we are constantly picking them up to inspect them. :-(  Right now, I’m waiting for the pest control guys to show up and perform a “professional magic” to destroy them all.  It’s a miracle that I haven’t been dreaming about the fleas, really! :-)

Now, my poor child, if she didn’t have a hope to get a pet before because her Mommy is simply against it, she definitely got no chance at all whatsoever after this flea incident!  Daddy was getting softer on the owning a pet issue but I will stand firm and protect my family from fleas!!! :-)  I love you, Bella, but there are these things called stuff animals and you can get whatever pets you want when you have your own house, ok? :-)


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4 responses to “Pour Your Heart Out: Fleas Fleas Go Away~

  • Mary

    LOL! I’m laughing, but I know how you feel. I have always owned cats and will probably always own cats, but the minute they scratch, I get stuff to treat them for fleas. On the pet issue…..there are very good flea products that go directly on the cat or dog and kill all fleas and their babies on both pet and their habitat. Pets don’t have to mean fleas in the house….really.

  • Kim - In Search of Me in Mommy

    Oh…I am so crossing my fingers for you…fleas be gone!

  • VandyJ

    Fleas–ewwww. I’m so glad we live up north. The bugs don’t stand a chance against the weather here. We get mosquitos and small bugs but not to many fleas and ticks and other bugs that like to live in houses with us. Hope the exterminator guy works his magic for you.

  • Shell

    Oh, I have to agree about the pet issue-I have enough to take care of already!

    Thanks for linking up!

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