Tiny Talk Tuesday

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I was watching Graciana, Bella’s best friend, one morning and when she came over, Bella was still asleep.  I decided to wake Bella up by sending Graciana into her room.

Graciana: Bella uh…sleep? (looking up at me) Bella, night night…

Me: Yes, she is, but she needs to get up so we can wake her up now. Do you want to say good-morning to Bella?

Graciana: Good-morning, Bella~

Bella: (opens her eyes but still unconsicous…and then she realizes that her BFF is in her room) Graciana, I go shopin’ wie Daddy, Graciana!!

For some reason, it was very important for Bella to tell her best friend that she went grocery shopping with Daddy last night. :-)


Bella played in the kiddie pool with her friend Graciana all morning, which made her very tired of course.  Mommy woke Bella up after three hours of nap and held her in her arms, enjoying some cuddling time in Mommy’s recliner….

Mommy: Good morning, sweet girl. Did you have a good nap?

Bella: (half conscious and looking around) I had fun wie graciana!!!

I wonder if she dreamt about playing with Graciana in her dreams as well…. :-)


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