Tiny Talk Tuesday

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I’ve been having a lot of back pain for few days and Daddy tucked Bella in one night by himself while Mommy is in her bed.  I could hear Bella keep coming out her bedroom and Daddy keep telling her not to. 

Bella: (walks out of her bedroom once again and gets caught by Daddy…and then she freezes.)

Daddy: Bella, Daddy told you not to come out of your room!  What are you doing here?

Bella: (Daddy could see her trying to come up with an excuse) Owie, my back hurts, Daddy! (she leans sideways with her hand in her back)

Daddy: (laughs though he tries so hard to look stern)


Mommy and Bella playing one afternoon…

Bella: I push Mommy!!

Daddy: No, Bella, you don’t push Mommy. That’s not nice, ok? We don’t push people, honey.

Bella: (thinking really hard…) I kick Mommy!!!

Daddy: (with a big sigh) No, you don’t kick either, that’s not nice, sweetie…

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