Be Still and Wait…

“God thinks much more of your desires than of the words in which they are expressed. It may be natural for a scholar to consider the accuracy of your terms, but God especially notes the sincerity of your soul. There is no other place where the heart should be so free as before the mercy seat. There, you can talk out your very soul, for that is the best prayer that you can present. Do not ask for what some tell you that you should ask for, but for that which you feel the need of, that which the Holy Spirit has made you to hunger and to thirst for, you ask for that.” C.H. Spurgeon, from a sermon entitled “Pray, Always Pray”

I sobbed reading above paragraph; not because of the brilliance of it but because the current state of my soul needed to hear what it says.  I’ve been doing many things for God because I wanted to please Him and though there’s nothing wrong with that, I wanted my heart to be pure and I didn’t know if it was.  I think it was and I hoped it was but I was just not sure.  And there, I was afraid.  I wanted to be still and longed to hear His voice.  I wanted Him to tell me that my heart IS pure.  And if it isn’t, I wanted to tell Him to cleanse my heart but I didn’t know what to say.  And then, there He was, answering my prayer before I even spoke.  My sweet Lord….

I question my heart often I think…maybe too often and it tends to give the devil a chance to shake me and lure me to his path, which I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in ever!  And my precious Lord always rescue me with His words, asking me to be still so that I can hear Him.  And there, I close my eyes and wait on Him… 

“Waiting on God, according to Scripture, is not a passive, vacuous state, but rather an active process of asking, seeking and engaging with His Spirit.” -Pete Greig in Red Moon Rising

I will wait upon my Lord a thousand times and more and gladly get soaked in His blessing over and over again.


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3 responses to “Be Still and Wait…

  • Mary

    Beautiful and so from the heart. It is so hard to be still and listen, but he knows that, and he finds a way to get through to us if we let him. I think we all go through the feelings you expressed here….wanting to please him and worrying that we are doing it all wrong and for the wrong reasons. Satan is such a fiend when he confused us!

  • Katie

    At this time in my life this verse means a lot. I am so very impatient, and being faced with some big trials that I want to see the end of NOW it has been really really tough. Thanks for the reminder!

    God Bless you!

  • Karen Mortensen

    Very nice. I love Be still and know that I am God. That is my favorite. We need to be quite and listen sometimes and know that He is in control.

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