Pour Your Heart Out: I Have No Green Thumb


I don’t have a green thumb.  Period.  In fact, I am very talented at killing plants, even the ones that are perfectly in good condition at the store and as soon as I bring them home, they all just wither and die.  Yes, it’s quite frustrating and for a long time, I’ve been sticking to raking leaves and pulling weeds as far as the “gardening” is concerned.  It’s sad, I know.  You’d think a girl with much common sense and a master’s degree could figure out a tiny thing called gardening or even as small as keeping the plants alive.  But no, apparently intelligence has nothing to do with it!  

My mom, on the other hand, is a queen of anything green.  I remember spending summer at home with her in Korea (while I was in college in the States) and she was the happiest when she was surrounded by her plants and flowers.  I’d wake up in the mornings and she’d be nowhere to be found.  And then I hear my mom singing and at the end of that tunes, I’d find my mom on the rooftop, sitting next to many of her “babies (a.k.a. plants and flowers)” as she called them and singing, watering and just loving them.  Many times I’d tease her and say, “you’d rather sing to your plants than make breakfast for your daughter who only comes home in the summer?!’ :-)  And she’d laugh and we’d water the plants together….  I miss those days with her….  

My mom is such a little girl at heart and she dreams of having a big garden (quite hard and uncommon in the city in Korea due to high population density) and growing old with her plants and flowers.  Yes, sometimes I can’t believe that I share the same genes with her when I look at my dead plants.  My husband just smiles silently these days when I come home with yet another plant in my shopping bag and he’d say, “oh, another one?” :-)  

I wish I could be like my mom and show Bella the stillness and quietness of nature and the beauty of it all.  I wish I could plant plants and flowers in my garden and share laughter and giggles with my little girl and spend mornings watering them.  But I do have fun with Bella weeding and raking leaves and I must say, she’s quite good at it after her own mother’s heart! :-)  Yes, she gets tired of them after a while and retires herself to her sand box but we’re still spending time together in our little backyard.  

For now, I’m satisfied with herb plant pots by the kitchen windows (replacing them quite frequently as they die) and watching flowers bloom in my garden that were planted by the previous owner and added by my mom two years ago.  But I’m determined to have a vegetable garden on our side yard (I know you object to this, hubby, but you know I’ll get what I want eventually so eat your heart out! *^^*).  That is, when my mom visits this summer, I’ll have her help me with it. :-)  Either way, I’ll have yet another go at growing “green stuff” in our yard and I can’t wait! :-)  

My Inspiration Vegetable Garden! :-)

5 responses to “Pour Your Heart Out: I Have No Green Thumb

  • Mary

    I love flowers and gardens so much. How wonderful that your mom has that talent to grow stuff. I would love to truly have a green thumb. I mostly have luck and determination with outdoor plants and just stick things in the ground and tell them they are on their own to either grow or die. Perenials are my favorites so I don’t have to plant them every year. Inside plants….I’ve killed everything I’ve tried to grow! Surely it must be the house and not me :-) Try telling yourself that! Last summer I stuck an avodado seed in a pot outisde and it grew, so I had to bring it in over the winter. Amazingly it survived by me ignoring it all winter and is now back outside where it is safe from my care. What on earth will I do with an avodado tree in Evansville??

  • Beth

    Oh, do I relate! LOVE your blog! Found you through PYHO. Now following! :)

  • Katie

    Precious memories with your mom! Flowers & Gardens are such a wonderful way to show love – they are of course the very breath of ultimate love – God – creating them and showering their beauty on us.

    Oh…btw…I have a black thumb too…but I still love trying!

  • Shell

    I don’t have a green thumb, either. It sounds like a garden is a place of peace for your mom. What wonderful memories!

    Thanks for linking up!

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