Tiny Talk Tuesday

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Bella was having a snack on the table at her friend’s house when she dropped her sippy cup.  My friend and I were in the middle of praying.

Bella: Uh-oh, Mommy, my wata faw down!

Me: I see that. can you get down and pick it up, sweetheart?

Bella: No, Mommy! Mommy do it.

Me: Bella, Mommy is praying with Misty right now.  Why can’t you do it?

Bella: I busy!

Me: Why are you busy?

Bella: I busy eating, Mommy!!!  (Looking at her friend) Get dwon wright there and pick it up!

Apparently, Bella is just like Mommy…bossy and you don’t get in the way of her eating! :-)


I just got back from my Bible study last night and My husband and I were talking in our bedroom updating each other’s day. It’s about 10:30 at night and our little girl was still not asleep and she kept coming out of her room and walking around the house.  We already told her to get back into her bed several times at this point and warned her that she will get spanking if she gets out of her room one more time. 

Few minutes later, both my husband and I were in our master bathroom getting ready for bed and I walked out to the room.  That’s when I found my little girl standing right there…………in her pjs with tiara on her head, princess earings in her ears and sparkling princess wand in her hand.  Mind you, I told her that she’d get spanking if she gets out of her room one more time….but I couldn’t help it.  I was laughing so hard right in front of her and though he tried hard to look stern, my husband was laughing out loud next to me as well.  How could you get mad at a little adorable princess like that?!  I swept her off of the floor into my arms and took my little princess to her bedroom, wishing a sweet good night. 

Yes, she still came out of her room few more times after that indeed and she was still cute every time!! :-)

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