Moody Girl

On a road trip at 10 in the morning without much sleep the night before plus no coffee yet…

Bella: Mommy, I see beeeee twuck! Beeeeeee twuck, mommy!!

Mommy: Yes, that is a big truck, honey. That’s very good.

Bella: Weeguls, preez~~ Mommy, Weeguls!!

Mommy: (big sigh…) Ok, fine, we’ll play the Wiggles music. (inserting the CD in to the stereo)

Bella: Mommy, I hold it (&^%W#$DTV%H^Y&^%$^&* Mommy!!

Mommy: (big big sigh…) Bella, please keep quiet until Mommy has had her coffee, ok?!

Daddy: (laughing hysterical while driving) that’s so going on the facebook!

Mommy: Oh, bite me! (not sure if I said it out loud…*^^*)


I get really mean and nasty when I’m hungry, no joke.  I’d love to be all Christian-ie and loving all the time, but I don’t know what to tell you when empty stomach gets in the way.  So what does my wise husband do?  He doesn’t let me out of the house until I eat something, makes sure my tummy is full before we hang out with friends and always keeps an emergency snack for me just in case I get grumpy for no reason.  The thing is…sometimes I am upset at him or about something that has nothing to do with food and he has no idea why I’m upset.  And then he pulls out a Abi-is-hungry-card and says, “Honey, did you eat?” and as you can imagine, I’m outraged, thinking I can’t believe he just blame it on my empty stomach!  Poor men, no wonder men can never figure woman out! :-)

At least I’m a bit transparent!! :-)  When in doubt, it’s either my hormones or my empty stomach!  Have your pick. :-)  I wonder if God allowed my highly extreme hunger-intorelnce so that I can use it to build my character…hmm…. :-)


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6 responses to “Moody Girl

  • Mary

    LOL! YOu have such a wonderful sense of humor and I love reading your blog posts like this one. You also have a wonderful sense of how God is working in your life and in your family :-) A softball coach once called my daughter his “lesson in patience”….I wasn’t offended because it was so true! Maybe Peter and Bella are your lessons in patience sometimes. LOL Most of us certainly always need those lessons more than we should!

  • Colleen

    I get that way too! My blood-sugar level definitely affects my mood. That plus hormones can be scary! You’re right, poor men.

  • Snack Pusher

    Honey I believe the exact quote was: “Bella, please don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee.” Yes, it’s on Facebook. Yes, I’m watching my back…

  • Katie

    I am the exact same way!!! If I get too tired…you know the sleepless nights running together because kids won’t sleep…extra time at work…that time of the month exhausted – you might as well put me in a padded room and call me crazy – mood swing city! But if I don’t eat…I am just cranky…just plain ole – nothing makes me happy – you could buy me a 10k diamond and it wouldn’t matter. I just. need. food!!

    Glad I’m not the only one who occasionally “loses her religion” over an empty stomach! ::snort::
    (Fasting has never been my thing…lol)

    Found you through Lady Bloggers!

    • Abi

      Oh, Katie….with 10k diamond, I could be nice…very nice in fact. :-) (Hint hint, hubby *^^*) I’m with you on the whole fasting thing!! That is why it’s on my to do list before I turn 40! I bet God is snorting at me on that right now! :-)

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