How Enchanted! :-)

“How does she know that you love her~  How does she know that you really, really, truly love her~~”

It’s one thing to watch my little girl singing along to a princess movie she likes but it’s totally another to watch your hubby singing along to a song from Enchanted! He’s been singing the song How Does She Know everywhere around the house and now it’s stuck in my head! Now he does it just to annoy me in a funny way. :-) It’s quite precious and priceless though! *^^* (Hubby, I told you that I’m gonna blog about it so I’m not ambushing you right here, ok?)

I’m not gonna lie. I do enjoy this movie a lot, almost as much as Bella does so I don’t mind watching this over and over again. Besides, it’s much better that watching Yo Gabba Gabba over and over again and at least I get to keep some of my brain cells this way. :-)


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6 responses to “How Enchanted! :-)

  • Harmonizing Hubby

    Hey! What’s with telling Cyberspace!! And then my uncle finding out. You realize as we play unreal tournament he will taunt me with this!

  • Mary

    Abi. this is actually from Uncle Mike signed on Mary’s link. Tell Peter that I said to just STOP IT. Cause I said so!

  • Karen Mortensen

    Hi, I am from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I like the fact the you love organization. Me too. Can you believe that I have never seen that movie. I guess I should see it sometime.
    I love the scripture at the top. We all need to remember that each day. Have a wonderful day.

  • Tori Cooper

    Me too! I love that movie… I have must have seen that movie over 20 times…! Believe it or not, that song “How does she know” my husband sings along too… he really likes that song! Between Mama Mia and Enchanted… I can live off these movies…! Doesn’t matter how many times I watch them I can always watch them with a big grin on my face! :-D

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