Friday Fives

I “met” Beth after her visit to my blog a few weeks ago and got to know her a little bit through her cute blog called just me and my life  I liked her Friday Fives idea so much that I thought I’d participate from time to time! :-) 


This weeks Friday Five is 5  things that make you laugh, giggle, chuckle… 

#1: My husband, Peter!  

He’s the funniest guy I know!  Many things have changed after we got married and especially after we had our little girl (children can just suck the life out of you sometimes regardless of how much you love and adore them! *^^*) but his ability to make me laugh always remained the same if not better!  He can turn into an instant comedian whenever I need a little laugh.  In fact, I ask him to speak in different accents (my favorite is his French accent) when I get bored or when he’s reading a book to Bella, to which he says that our little girl is bound to have an identity crisis (for having a Korean mommy, an American daddy with German, Lebanese, Finnish and who knows what else blood plus all kinds of confusing accents she’s been hearing since when she was in my womb!) 

Peter enjoying the kids' slide way more than Bella does *^^*


#2: My little princess, Bella! 

  Anything and everything she does makes me laugh, giggle and chuckle!  I know she is my daughter and all and I’m quite biased, but come on!  How cute and adorable is she and how could you not giggle with her ALL THE TIME!  :-)  Seriously, I love this girl! 

Shouting Winnie the Pooh~


Playing Peek-a-boo


The cutest little Winnie the Pooh gal right outta bath *^^*


#3: Chuck 

He’s a kind of guy that makes you want to hide behind the pillow while you watching TV cause you can’t watch another stupid thing he does or mistake he makes. He’s such a dork but you can’t help liking him!  We love chuckling at him! 

#4: How Men Think 

They’re more like a mystery but they definitely make ma laugh!  Sometimes I go ‘really? I mean really?!’ because really, they are unbelievable! :-)  ‘Honey, could you put the clothes in the dryer, please?’ does NOT mean literally putting the wet clothes in the dryer and shut the door.  It also means actually running the dryer by punching few buttons!  Saying ‘I got it, baby, I got it’ repeatedly doesn’t mean you actually got it unless you move your lazy bottom and do it already!  ‘Honey, we need to talk’ does NOT mean that you are in trouble all the time (unless you feel guilty of something you actually did and keeping it a secret :-)) and it means that we just need to talk. :-)  But then, I’m sure how women think is also a mystery to men and I bet we crack them up big time!  Like my husband says, God must have created men and women so differently so that we can learn patience and being merciful and selfless.   

#5: Parenthood 

Not only the TV show I recently started to watch (the show cracks me up, no joke, cause it’s SO TRUE) but also the real life parenthood stories from ours to all of our friends’.  From all the tricks that I come up with to feed my child vegetables to little things that make me happy like pee pee in the potty (who would’ve thought!) to praying for the well-being of Elmo, Abbey, Barney, Foofa, Dorothy the Dinosaur, etc. day after day to trying to squeeze my “big” body into Bella’s tiny little “big” girl’s bed cause she wants me to lie down next to her to asking my husband or other adults to say “yes, Mommy,” forgetting that I’m not talking to my child any more .  They are all precious and all but they do make me chuckle and laugh (laugh at myself most of the time!). 

Just Me and My Life


9 responses to “Friday Fives

  • Tori Cooper

    Love it! You girl is so precious! Thank you for sharing… I was laughing when I read about men & how they think… I can relate! ;-)

  • Mary

    Peter is indeed funny…I’ll agree with that one right off the bat :-) His father was just as crazy…I think iti is hereditary. Having a sense of humor and laughing keeps us all sane and healthy. Laughing is a must for any parent. I enjoy reading your 5’s each week! Bella is such a doll and those photos are really cute.

  • Kim Elkins

    I LOVE Parenthood!! I don’t watch a lot of television (3 kids will do that to you), but I never miss Parenthood. My new favorite.
    Found your blog through Beth. (she’s my neighbor, how lucky am I?)
    Cute blog, adorable daughter!

  • Beth

    Yay! I love all your funnies! Your little Pooh Bear is PRECIOUS!!! Thanks for doing my Frdiay Fives! Have a GREAT Weekend!

  • Funny Man

    # 4… how men think.

    Even this being written starts to make a man think. They wonder, “what made my wife decide to write this?”

    – Did I pick up my clothes this morning… yes
    – Did put the toilet seat down… I’m an expert at this, can’t be it
    – Did I leave a half drunk glass of water in any of the following locations: top of mirror, top of fridge, on dryer, back of toilet. (Don’t think so?
    – Oh wait… did she look in my closet and see the broken plastic hanger which I’ve refused to bend down and pick up for like three days? (Could be it…)

    Funny is forever baby. Love you.

  • Sara

    you’re little girl is a cutie!
    AND your blog!

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