Tiny Talk Tuesday

Now that my little girl is talking non-stop, I thought I should treasure these funny-but-so-adorable moments with her and I found a perfect posting idea from Mary’s at Not Before 7.

At 7:30 in the morning, Bella and I were snuggling in the couch.

Bella: B, B, B…….Kai, Mommy

Me: What?

Bella: Beeeeee, Beeeeeeeee, Beeeeeeee Kaaaaaaaaai, Mommy!

Me: Oh, be kind! (remembering the Bible verse she’s learned at her preschool) Yes, be kind! Very good, sweetheart.

Bella: Jesus luv me, ye i noooooooo~ Bible me soooooooo~ whiweel chiwel tis noooooooo~

Me: ???

Bella: Ye Jesus luv me~~~~~~~ Jesus~~~~~

Me: Oh! Goodness!! Are you singing Jesus Loves Me? (I was so impressed since this was the very first time I heard her singing the song!) Wow, that’s so wonderful, honey!  Let’s go tell Daddy!!!

I ran to the bathroom with Bella in my arms where Daddy was sitting on the toilet and we sang the WHOLE song in front of him! :-)  Daddy smiled and sang the song with us.  What a good sport he is! :-)


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