Sweet Gentle Heart

My sweet little girl, Bella,

I love you so much, my darling angel and I’m so thankful that God blessed me with you, sweet girl.

I watched you playing with your friends this morning and though Mommy knew it already, I was very thankful for your sweet and gentle heart.  I think you got that after your Daddy.  He is the most gentle and sweet man I know and is very caring and loving.  But then, you already knew that.

You love life!  You love waking up in the morning -I know this because you have THE biggest smile on your face right after you wake up- and little things like teddy bear or choo choo train make you so happy!  You are quite shy, especially when you meet other people, and you tend to hide your face between Mommy’s legs.  But when you get together with your little friends or see other “big” people that you know, you can’t seem to hide your excitement and soon after there come your big smiles and loud giggles. 

You love giving hugs and kisses and I love how you make sure Daddy gives Mommy a kiss before he leaves for work in the mornings.  Though you have your moments, you are a good sharer most of the time and know how to wait for your turn.  You have a obedient heart and are very well-behaved and well-disciplined.  I love how you make Mommy feel so loved with your cuteness and hugs, even right after Mommy disciplines you.  One of the things I love the most about you is that you always know the perfect moment to smile, kiss and hug Mommy.

I know Mommy lacks many things in raising you, but you always seem perfect to me and you make Mommy so proud.  I really don’t know what I did to deserve you, sweetheart, but because of you, I know that God loves Mommy very much.

I love you, pumpkin, and don’t ever forget that.

With lots of butterfly kisses,



4 responses to “Sweet Gentle Heart

  • Mary

    Bella will treasure these messages some day :-) She is beautiful and she has wonderful parents. Growing up knowing Jesus will make a huge difference in her life.

  • Tori Cooper

    You have such a lovely beautiful little girl! Innocence is written all over her face… may she stay that way for as long as she can! I’m sure one day she will treasure all these letters you write to her… such a wonderful keepsake! :-)

  • Abi

    Dear Blesses Daddy,
    Your princess will always think that her Daddy is so much cooler than other daddies and as long as you don’t show up at her school on Thanksgiving events dressed as Turkey, she will not have problem being seen with her daddy. :-)

    -A Blessed Mommy

  • A Blessed Daddy

    She is a sweet princess and I just chuckle every day at the new things she’s up to. Reference the chocolate smeared face Easter Egg candy incident. We are truly blessed to have such a cute little gift from God and I’m sure when she’s older and doesn’t want daddy to be seen with her in public that I’ll have to re-read these posts!

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