Our Easter Lily by Leslie Fair

This posting is from a blog called Where There’s Love that belongs to my dear friend, Leslie Fair.  She is a kind of woman who will make you smile and happy no matter what you are going through in your life (including a bad hair day! *^^*).  And I love her because she reflects God’s light so perfectly and helps me to humble myself….


Nearly 30 years ago, my great Uncle Earnie entrusted to my mother a beloved Easter Lily in a medium sized terracotta pot.  For 27 years, my parents kept that lily on the side of their house; watered it, loved it, and enjoyed it.  Then last year they were forced to move to North Carolina due to dad’s job transfer, and the beloved Easter Lily was passed on to yours truly.  The one gal on the block who kills just about every plant she owns.

Despite severely lacking in the green thumb department, I got wise this winter season and covered that little plant with an old pillowcase on the nights when we reached freezing temperatures.  After a particularly unrelenting winter in Florida, I was sure that our beloved friend had finally met it’s match.  I really didn’t have the heart to tell my mom and dad that nearly 30 years later, Uncle Ernie would roll in his grave to know that his Great Niece killed the one thing he left to them.  So I ignored it.  Sure my eye hits it almost every day due to where it sits (next to the garage on MY side of the driveway), but each day it looked more and more pitiful until I grew callous to the little bulb that was surely dead. 

And then this morning happened.

As I walked to my car, my eye wandered to the poor terracotta pot, and nearly bugged out of my head when I saw two beautiful green stalks emerging from the middle of its bulb.  For 30 years, that plant has known EXACTLY TO THE DAY when it is supposed to bloom, celebrating Christ’s death and resurrection with a party of petals and loveliness.  And this year, despite the frigid winter, it remains a faithful flower to her King.  She is right now stretching her stalks to the sky, filling her limbs with blooms, and waiting for this Sunday when she will surely blossom in all her glory.  What a beautiful reminder that even the plants obey Him.  Even celebrate Him!  She picks one day of the year to unveil her beautiful crisp white blooms, and without fail, every year that day falls on Easter.  Despite the fact that our calendar is always changing (each year our birthdays will fall on a different date), she remains steady and true.  I find such great comfort in knowing that. 

Thank you, Lord for the beautiful gift you have given us with this Easter Lily.  And thank you Lord, for the beautiful gift of your son, Jesus.


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