#10 Screen Play

I haven’t finished reading a book in a long time due to all kinds of church events and my birthday this past week, so it was quite nice and peaceful to just relax and read while listening to the rain outside my window last night.

I came across an online review of Screen Play by Chris Coppernoll through one of the blogs (as always I can’t remember which one and I’m definitely writing things down from now on! :-)) from the What’s On Your Nightstand.  Normally such storyline wouldn’t have interested me that much, but since a good friend of mine has been telling me about her sister, who is an actress in New York, for the past few years, I thought I should read about it. 

The main character Harper’s life was a bit similar to my friend’s sister’s in that they struggle with, well pretty much everything including jobs, friends, money, loneliness and love.  But it made be understand a little bit about how difficult it must be to remain faithful to God in a world with so many temptations.  My heart went out to my friend’s sister and I prayed that she’ll find her identity in God and God only….

This was my first book by Chris Coppernoll (apparently his writing has been called “Nicholas Sparks with happy endings”) and I quite enjoyed it.  It was also interesting to read this book knowing that the male author wrote this book in a female Christian perspective.  I’m not sure if I’ll pick up one of his other five books any time soon (since I’m getting tired of Nicholas Sparks *^^*) but he is definitely an author to keep in mind!

Sometimes the person farthest away from you is the one closest to your heart…  At thirty, Harper fears her chances for a thriving career and true love are both fading fast.  But when Harper is offered an unexpected role in a Broadway play – as understudy to New York’s biggest diva-she wonders if everything is about to change.  Hoping to find love in NYC, Harper reluctantly signs up for an online dating site-but the only match Harper is even remotely interested in lives thousands of miles away.  An actress who doesn’t act, searching for love with someone she’s never seen, Harper longs for God to show her He’s still listening.  Through the contemporary text-message world of Internet dating, Harper learns it’s possible to care for someone outside her own universe.  And as she reaches out through the impersonal world of cyberspace, she becomes more aware than ever of god reaching out to her…


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One response to “#10 Screen Play

  • Mary

    It must be very difficult to try to live a Christian life in NYC in the theater world. I think there is a couple from the city where I live that has tried to do it and to get other Christians together there, but I don’t rememeber their names. I read about them several years ago in our local paper. Sounds like a good book!

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