The Wiggles, Oh, How I Love Thee…. :-)

The Wiggles and I were formally introduced in the spring of 2009 at the corner of the children’s DVD collection area in our local library.  Bella was really into her Praise Baby DVD back then and I wanted to find something different for her.  Yes, it was ALL MY FAULT!  “I” initiated the search, “I” found them and “I” introduced them to Bella.  And on that first day of meeting The Wiggles, I stepped into the point of no return…. :-)

My baby girl LOVES The Wiggles!  I don’t know what it is about four grown-up guys singing, dancing and pretty much acting absolutely silly but Bella is definitely “addicted” to them nonetheless! :-)  It was ok for me in the beginning but it was definitely getting on my nerves as time went by, especially when Bella wanted to watch them 7 o’clock in the morning before my coffee!  And during the first trimester of my second pregnancy, my annoyance with them reached the ultimate peak that it even made be nauseated every time I heard them!  No joke!  I literally had to move to another room just to avoid them so that I’d feel better! :-)  But there was no avoiding them in the car when I had to listen to their CDs and I can assure you, it was very acute!

However, there will be no getting rid of The Wiggles from our house any time soon…  My little Bella loves them too much! *^^*  In fact, I purchased three of their DVDs for Bella for Christmas last year, which made her day as she walked around the house with them in her hands all day, and who knows how many she’ll accumulate by being adorable and irresistable to her Daddy during their shopping outings. :-) 

But frankly, they kind of started to grow on me and I actually sing along to their songs these days believe it or not!  I know all the characters by their names and I actually have conversations with my daughter as if Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus are real!  I guess they are not that bad after all and after reading how they got started (the three members of The Wiggles were formal musicians who wanted to be preschool teachers and the whole thing got started as a school project!), I got to appreciate their love for children.  That’s right, people.  I’m saying that I actually like The Wiggles!!!  Don’t tell anybody though! :-)

There are numerous “peculiar” things in this world that my daughter finds entertaining and though I’ll never understand the reasons why, I’m happy to watch my daughter laugh and giggle at them.


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7 responses to “The Wiggles, Oh, How I Love Thee…. :-)

  • Abi

    Wooo…We’d better come and visit you soon just to see that video! :-)

  • Mary

    LOL…when I read this, my first thought was “gee, they probablay remind her of her silly Daddy.” Sorry, Peter….I couldn’t resist that. Will have to search for silly photos of my nephew to send to Abi when I get home. Hmmmm….if she could just see all of you doing the Boogaloo(?) at White Castle in Wales, but that is on video.

  • Fellow Sufferer in Wiggledom

    I believe we are informally scheduled for next spring if I remember our two year deal correctly.

    I don’t want to debate your generous comment about my brains but you also have to factor in the other shows. Wiggles – 10 pts, Yo Gabba Gabba – 10 pts, Barney – 5pts, Super Why – 5pts. That’s some real damage!

  • Abi

    Dear Fellow Sufferer in Wiggledom (a.k.a. my poor hubby)

    First of all, you are an extraordinarily smart man so losing 10 IQ points won’t do any damage, I’m sure, and secondly, bringing it on about another marriage seminar. I’m so ready! :-)

    -Your loving wife *^^*

  • Fellow Sufferer in Wiggledom

    So it was your fault! Great, time to go to another marriage seminar!

    Though I can’t say that I ever experienced the nausea I must confess to loosing about 10 IQ points. And frankly I didn’t have many to spare.

    However I do think it’s adorable and I do hope the Wiggles appreciate that our little princess mentions them in her prayers.

  • Abi

    Thank you for visiting, Kathryn! I totally forgot about the Lady Blogger’s Tea Party today…. Thanks for reminding me! :-)

  • Kathryn

    Stopping by from the Lady Blogger’s Tea Party! I am a Christian as well, great blog! :)

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